Mieke de Jong

Mieke de Jong (The Netherlands, 1957) is an experienced scriptwriter for film and television. For over twenty-five years she worked in a variety of genres, for both adults and children. Her filmography includes (among others): Eep! (2010), Lena (2011), Rintje (animation series 2016), Mr. Frog (Cinekid Award, 2016) and the series Nobody’s Boy (2016, Nomination International Emmy Award 2017, Best Script Dutch TV-drama 2017). Her feature film Winter in Wartime was a box-office hit in The Netherlands and reached the shortlist of the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Feature Film in 2010. As a scriptcoach and consultant Mieke contributed to the development of high quality storytelling in scriptlabs in a.o. Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Budapest.

Linda Dombrovszky

Linda Dombrovszky studied at the University of Theater and Film Arts and the Roman Film Academy, graduating in 2013 with a degree in film and television directing, and currently teaches film directing at the Metropolitan University. Her documentaries and feature films have competed at numerous international film festivals and won awards. Her latest feature-length TV film, Pilate, was shortlisted for the foreign Golden Globes, invited and awarded at several international film festivals, and this year it won the Hungarian Motion Picture Award for Best TV Film.

Aron Matyassy

He was born in 1978 in Budapest. At the beginning of his career, he directed documentaries and short films. From 2009, he was the director of the The Curse series, which won the Best Television Award in 2010. In 2009 he was the co-director of the Hungarian Television's Logbook '89-09' series. He wrote and directed the Hungarian film drama Lost Times, which he directed. In 2011 directed Frigyes Karinthy: Tanár úr, kérem. In 2014 he directed another youth film, Berosált a rezesbanda. He was the co-director of the HBO's Golden Life. In 2015 wrote and directed the thriller Weekend. Between 2019 and 2020, he directed the series Mintaapák.


Gabor Osvath

Gabor Osvath has graduated from the production class of University of Theatre and Film Arts of Budapest in 2011. In recent years, he has produced such films as Balaton Method, What a Circus!, On the Quiet and Captives through his production companies Filmfabriq and Boddah. His most successful animation works include his short films with Reka Bucsi and Luca Toth, as well as the televsion series Castaways. His documentary, Colors of Tobi debuted in the spring of 2021 and the end of the year will see the theatrical release of his romantic comedy, Christmas Flame. He is a member of the European Film Academy and the Association of Hungarian Animation Producers.

Zsuzsanna Kreif

Animation director
Zsuzsanna Kreif is a freelance animation director and illustrator based in Budapest, graduated from MOME . Her first film, Limbo-Limbo Travel, co-directed with Bori Zétényi was a Hungarian- French co-production of MOME and Lardux Films. The film was selected to several festivals including Sundance, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand and was eligible for the Oscars in 2016. From 2015- 2018 she directed the 13 episodes satirical Tv-series Candide, written and co-directed with Nándor Bera and Balázs Turai. Currently she's developing new personal projects and teaching at MOME.

Ervin B. Nagy

Animation designer
He graduated from MOME in 2011 with a degree in animation. He has worked in the animation workshop of the Cartoon Network in London, Cinemon, Umatik, Omega Creative Film Studios in Budapest, ZDF in Mainz, Kecskemétfilm and with Zsolt Richly on the animated series Luther. Since 2017, he has also been teaching at the Department of Animation at Metropolitan University as a lecturer. Since 2014, he has been working on the 13x8-minute animated sports film series about the childhoods of Hungarian Olympians, of which five parts have already been completed, and the sixth is in developement.


Daniel Hunyi

Aniko Millei

Tamas Vigvari

Mira Hasszan

Luca Lender


Main Prize: Golden Squirrel – Best Hungarian Film for Teen

Golden Squirrel – Best Short Film for Teens


Golden Squirrel – Best Animated Short For Teens


Junior Squirrel – Best Film Made by Teens


Junior Squirrel – Special Mention

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