Simon Szabo

Actor, director
Simon Szabó was born in 1979 in Budapest. He began his career in 1995 as an actor in the musical Somewhere in Europe. In addition to his many film roles (Moscow Square, Nosedive, Whatever Happened to Timi, Budapet Heist), he performs in theater. After several short films, he made his debut in 2009 as a feature film director (Paper Planes), which was again followed by short films. He has received several Hungarian and international awards: Sándor Simó Award, Federico Fellini Award, European Film Award nomination, FIPRESCI Award. He is currently working on a new feautre.

Abel Visky

He was born in Bacau, spent his childhood in Cluj-Napoca, and was a student of the Apáczai Csere János Theoretical High School. Between 2006 and 2010, he studied photography, film, media and film directing at the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania. Between 2011 and 2014, he was a film and television student at SZFE, in the class of János Szász and Attila Janisch. His first feature-tength documentary, Tales from the Cell was released in the spring of 2021.

Emilia Goldberg

She graduated from the Budapest Metropolitan University with a degree in cinematography, and is currently a student majoring in filmmaking at the Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Film Studies. She has directed a number of short films, and in 2019, the Art Gallery won the Grand Prize at David Lynch’s Professional Filmmaking Competition for her experimental film The Night After the Wedding. In 2017, her feature film screenplay, Kati was selected for the screenwriting workshop of Cinefest Young Talent in Miskolc. In 2018, she received an invitation from the Travers Foundation of the University of Copenhagen, where she made an audiovisual installation about the Hungarian regime change. From 2019 to 2020, she was a student of the genre screenwriting course of the Hungarian National Film Institute. Her series project, Companion, developed there, was selected in 2020 for the series development workshop of the Fast Forward program. In the autumn of 2020, her feature film project called Irén Vácz Must Die was invited to the pitch forum of the Cinemira International Children's Film Festival, where she won the audience award for the event, the Golden Squirrel. She is currently working on a novel version of this film plan and, with the support of the Hungarian National Film Institute, is developing a screenplay called Arcadash.

Claudia Sumeghy

Producer, JUNO11 Pictures
Economist and producer experienced in the fashion and film industry. In 2016 together with her director's husband, Tamás Yvan Topolánszky they founded their independent production company JUNO11 Pictures. Their first short film Letter to God won several international awards and the distribution rights were purchased by HBO for Central and Eastern Europe. Their first feature film, CURTIZ, won the Grand Prize at the 2018 Montreal World Film Festival, won the Riviera International Film Festival Award for Best Director and was selected into Camerimage Director's Debut section. Netflix bought its screening rights for the whole world. In addition to making her second feature film, Heights and Depths, which deals with the life of Zsolt Erőss's widow, she is working on the youth film I Accidentally Wrote a Book with director Nóra Lakos, and is involved in the development of the DVNA television series as producer and creator. As a mother, Claudia Sümeghy aims to make socially relevant films for the younger generations, so she spends her time on projects that can get her message across the world.


Daniel Hunyi

Aniko Millei

Tamas Vigvari

Mira Haszan

Luca Lender

II. Hungarian Children’s and Youth Film Pitch Forum – Professional Jury

Viktoria Petranyi

Producer, Proton Cinema
Viktória Petrányi is an all-round character amongst Hungarian filmmakers. She graduated as a producer at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest and has been working with director Kornél Mundruczó on film and theatre productions since as a producer and scriptwriter. The duo established their film production company Proton Cinema in 2004 which produced such international successes as the Cannes entries Delta, White God and Jupiter’s Moon – all directed by Mundruczo. Proton is also produces cutting edge first fictions as Land of Storms by Adam Csaszi, For Some Inexplicable Reasons by Gábor Reisz or Guerilla by György Mór Kárpáti. Besides Hungarian-language films Viktoria has co-produced several international productions e.g. The Song of Names by Francois Girard, 1989 directed by Anders Ostergaard, BOY7 by Lourens Blok or The Last King by Nils Gaup, and has line produced several production services or high class international projects.

David Lafka

Development Producer, DIGIC Pictures
Dávid Lafka gained 10 years of experience in the Hungarian film industry and television series production as a director, assistant director and producer. In 2015 he joined Digic Pictures ’3D animation studio, where he was the leader of the directing and art director team before. Now, as a Development Producer, he leads the development of screenplays for family animated films in the new division of the studio, which deals with the development of its own IPs. As a civilian, David is also a fan of storytelling, and as the creator of the Story Podcast, he explores the power of stories.
Fonyódi Tibor

Tibor Fonyodi

National Film Institute Hungary - Head of Script Development Department
He was born 1965 in Budapest. His first independent volume (WARRIORS OF THE CATHEDRAL) was awarded at Cherubion Publishing House in Debrecen in 1998, and in 2000 he was awarded the Péter Zsoldos Prize in the category of the best sci-fi novel of the year for continuing the novel (THE LEGEND OF THE CATHEDRAL). His novels, published since 1998, are among the most popular pieces in the genre, worth twenty more new editions since their first release. His career as a screenwriter starts in 2006. Since then, he has created countless film short stories and screenplays. He is considered one of the most employed Hungarian screenwriters. Tibor Fonyódi is a founding member of the Hungarian Screenwriters' Association (MFE-HSA) and the FilmJus screenwriting section. He is a member of the Hungarian Writers' Association. From 2019, he was the Screenwriting Development Director of the National Film Institute.
Ternovszky Béla

Bela Ternovszky

Animation Director, Member of NFI TV-Council
Born in 1943, he is Balázs Béla Prize-winning Hungarian cartoon director, worthy artist. He graduated in 1964. He then worked for the Pannonia Film Studio and later for the Film Company. Initially he was a draftsman, then a motion designer and director. After completing the successful Pumukli Adventures series, between 1995 and 2005, he was also one of the owners and directors of Studio II. Ltd. His first short film, Modern Training Methods, has won numerous national and international festival awards. He gained international fame in 1986 with the highly successful cartoon Cat City. Earlier he achieved significant festival success with Five Minutes of Murder written by József Nepp. He also directed The Mézga family series

II. Hungarian Children’s and Youth Film Pitch Forum – Children’s Jury

Benedek Kovacs

Marcell Csillery

Laura Sugar

Milan Zikkert

Elin Inez Topolanszky

Janka Csenge Hajdu


Junior Pitch Forum – Main Award
Junior Pitch Forum – Audience Award
Junior Pitch Forum – Special Awards
II. Children and Youth Film Pitch Forum – Main Prize (300,000 HUF)
II. Children and Youth Film Pitch Forum – Audience Award
II. Kids and Youth Film Pitch Forum – Award for Most Innovative Film Project from DIGIC Pictures

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