Saturday, October 23th, 11:00-12:00 / Aula

In memory of the 110th anniversary of Rodolfo’s birth, we talk and recall the legendary illusionist and his exciting life with his daughter Judit Gálvölgyi, her granddaughter Dorka Gálvölgyi and the magician Botond Kelle.

His forever memorable phrase, Beware, I’m cheating !, his elegant appearance and the more than five thousand tricks he performed throughout his life made him world famous. His strength was his dexterity, he raised the art of mind reading to a masterful level, he was at home in the presentation of memo technology and suggestion stunts and stage pickpocketing.

In addition to the conversation, magician Botond Kelle introduces the youngest generation to the world of Rodolfo’s tricks in an interactive magic show.

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