At CINEMIRA KIDS International Children’s Film Festival, we screen the world’s most outstanding children’s short films and feature films for the ages of 4-12, and the whole family can take part in many film workshops, concerts and child-friendly food truck fairs. October 23-24th, 2021, Millenaris Park, National Dance Theater

The festival is interactive: the whole family can try themselves in film, animation, casting and stunt workshops. Film seminars for children introduce the audience to the secrets of film acting and the mysteries of magic, among other things. Moreover, this year, the Rutkai Bori Band will also be performing, with an exclusive video clip being shot by the kids. At the special film fair, you can paint your own clappers, create in virtual reality, or draw your own film on 35mm tape. At Cinemira the whole family can create together.

By purchasing tickets, you also support the housing or further education of homeless children and young people.


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