At CINEMIRA TEEN International Youth Film Festival, we screen the world’s most outstanding youth short films and feature films for the 13+ age group, while the audience can participate in a number of film workshops and seminars.

November 19-20th, 2022. Corvin Cinema

CINEMIRA TEEN is the only film festival in Hungary specifically for teenagers. At this special event, young people can learn about the different cultures of the world through films, gain insight into the mysteries of filmmaking, meet the most outstanding contemporary filmmakers, stars of international series, and even try filmmaking.

The festival features hundreds of short films and animations from more than 80 countries for the young audience. The hourly screenings feature animated and live-action films for the13+ age group.

Our panorama program features the most outstanding international youth films that have been screened from the most prestigious film festivals in the world or have just won awards.

The films cover topics that affect the everyday lives of teenagers, such as the first kiss, a farewell from high school friends, finding your way in life, anorexia, video game addiction, or gaining independence from the parents.

The festival also provides an insight into the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking, so young audiences can try their hand at film

Also, young people wanting to get into film acting can take part in a real casting throughout the festival.


November 19-20th, 2022.

Corvin Cinema

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